#CreativeDaily Day 2: Old

It's dayyyy 2 of the #CreativeDaily photo a day challenge with Lu & Ed!

Yesterday, the word was "new". With today's word being "old", I chose to capture a bunch of magnets that I decorated back when I was like, 7 or 8. My mom decided to hand 'em all back to me since I don't have any magnets for my fridge and she is looking to clear up some space on her own! *Thanks Mom!* :)

SO. My plan for these magnets? I'ma gonna spiff 'em up! I have some more old jewelry pieces and fabric scraps floating around...

So anyhoo, I need magnets. My fridge is getting too sticky with all the tape I've been using. lol.

Here's my photo! :)

PS: Did you know you can follow me on Tumblr too? I'll be sharing my #CreativeDaily photos there and on Pinterest too! :)

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