Updates and Jewelry Items!

Hi there!

How is everyone doing?

 I've been keeping pretty busy lately. We are getting ready to build a new house, as soon as those silly frost laws lift! I've also been working, taking class, being a mommy, and making earrings.

[[Earrings? Don't you normally crochet and sew? Well... Yes. But I got bored with that. This tends to happen from time to time. I'll come back to it though!]]

So, I've been making earrings. And it's been a lot of fun! I never realized why so many people make jewelry/earrings, but now I do. It's relaxing and enjoyable. You're not limited at all, well maybe by expertise... But I'm finding that it is so easy to get creative with the beads and charms and wire and feathers and... The list goes on. I'm just having a grand ole time! :)

Wanna see some of what I've made? Here ya go!


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Do you have a craft or hobby that you turn to when you just need to take a break from the usual stuff? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear about it! 

Until next time...

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