Let's Network: The Indie Connection

Hi Everyone! 

Those of you who know me, know that I am a BIG fan of Pinterest.

Those of who don't know me... In a nut shell, I am on Pinterest at least once a day, most often more than that. I love finding DIY projects, recipes, quotes, you name it.

What I haven't seen a lot of are networking boards.

That's what this post is about.

I call it  The Indie Connection. 


The Indie Connection: A Pinterest board for entrepreneurs, bloggers, crafters, and hobbyists to network and share info.
The goal is for entrepreneurs of ALL kinds, crafters, bloggers, and hobbyists included, to share, inspire, and network through pins on this board. Pins could be anything from an informational pin from your website or blog, a great post about growing your business, related DIY ideas, pins to other websites or blogs you think everyone else should check out. Really, you could pin anything that you think everyone else would benefit from.

This would be a great way to meet others, build relationships, and share valuable information. 

Swing by my Pinterest page and check out the board! If you would like to join, comment below with your Pinterest user name and I'll send you an invite!


  1. I would love to join! My pinterest name is Sarah 'Toyzan' Piazza.

    1. Hi Sarah! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'm so glad you want to join. I'll add you! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Great Kathleen! I will add you. Sorry I didn't see your comment sooner!

  3. Hi Amanda! I would love to join, great idea! My Pinterest name is Joleen.

    1. Hi Joleen! Thanks for commenting! I'd be happy to add you. :)


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