Go Forth and Conquer

That has been my motto as of late (only because the phrase has been stuck in my head for some reason).

2012 is a year of changes for me. I've been doing some diet/lifestyle changes as well as becoming a more proactive crafter. Though that last part might have something to do with me having a lot of time on my hands lately. lol.

I find inspiration in just about everything. (Just check me out on Pinterest, if you're curious!)I'll share a lot of what inspires me. Most of what I'll be sharing are photos of my latest craft endeavors, custom designs, and tutorials (some by me, some by other people [with links provided :) ]).

I'm not the greatest at blogging, but I'll give it a shot. I can't promise you consistent, daily posts, but I WILL make a solid attempt at posting at least twice a week to start. :) Hey, this year is all about changes, right?

Welp, time to get crafting!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!


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